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Certified Professional in Real Estate Housing Finance

  • Program Objectives:
    • Understand the underlying advanced concepts of Housing Finance
    • Develop internet marketing & sales techniques
    • Incorporate efficient database management and business etiquette
    • Understand the process of home loans from inception to completion
    • Understand the legal aspects of real estate and procedures for effective management
    • Evaluate tax implications in the real estate sector
    • Obtain the skills required to meet owner’s objectives for property performance
    • Learn how to prepare budgets, forecast income and expenses, and analyze variances
    • Identify long term investment performance utilizing the components of cash flow
    • Calculate measures for return of investments
    • Apply capitalization and valuation techniques to project market value and property investment value
    • Perform key calculations using the financial calculator
    • Recognize common sources of real estate financing and calculate payments on loan types
    • Calculate loan ratios to determine opportunity and risk factors for the property owner
    Essential Skills:
    • Effective Communication Skills
    • Business Etiquette
    • Leadership Skills
    • Presentation Skills
    • Negotiation Skills
    • Critical Thinking
    • Team Building
    Who should take this course?
    • Undergraduates and graduates seeking industry related career opportunities
    • Real Estate industry professionals
    • Property buyers and sellers
    • Real Estate brokers and consultants
    Program Highlights:
    • Total Duration: Classroom Training 96 hrs. Internship 480 hrs.
    Introduction to Real Estate:
    • Layout & Cost Sheets
    • Real Estate Documentation
    • Legal Aspects
    Marketing & Sales:
    • Advertising and Branding
    • Internet Marketing Concepts & Techniques
    • Implementing Social Media, creating websites and blogs
    • Generating leads and potential clients
    • Customer Life Cycle & behavior
    Housing Finance:
    • Introduction to Home Loan
    • Home Loan Processes
    • Lead generation from Home Loans
    • Home Loan calculations
    • Taxes Involved in Home Loans
    • Home Loan Counselor Skills
    International Best Practices (in association with IREM®, USA)
    • Financial Knowledge in Property Management
    • Budgeting & Reports
    • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Capitalization & Valuation
    • Financial Calculations
    • Financing
    • Loan Analysis

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