In a fast-changing real estate scenario how do you move ahead?
How do you prepare yourself and your organisation to emerge unscathed amidst the complex challenges?
How do you forge ahead amidst the competition?

The Real Estate Management Institute – REMI’s Owner Developer Program (ODP)TM anticipates the journey ahead and offers you an eagle’s view of what to expect and how to respond and what you need to know to capitalise on the possibilities. Get ready to garner that competitive edge to become the leader your peers will look up to.

The ODPTM program has been specially designed for Executive Directors, Directors, Owners, C-Suite Executives, Senior VPs of Real Estate Companies, Next Gen Builders and Developers in India to empower them to improve corporate performance and drive competitive advantage in the Real Estate sector.


A steady mix of sessions that include presentations, discussions, case studies and Questions and Answers

Relevant and Well-timed content

Holistic and Macro perspective of the Real Estate Business in India

A program created for leaders and emerging leaders in Indian Real Estate

Focus on current and emerging Industry Challenges

Networking (including cocktails and dinner) with peers, experts and seniors

Taught by experienced industry experts and thought leaders


The program will be delivered by renowned experts, thought leaders, industry influencers and specialists from the governmental and and corporate organisations offering unique relevant and insightful perspective on the subjects.


The program will be conducted by industry experts, thought leaders and influencers of the real estate industry.

  • Session 1. Introduction & Overview

  • Session 2. Market Trends in Real Estate

  • Session 3. Capital Raising in Real Estate and REITs

  • Session 4. Cashflow Management and Managing Your Liabilities

  • Session 5. Structuring Your Approach to Land Acquisition

  • Session 1. Creating a ‘Culture of Transparency’

  • Session 2. Transparency as a Brand Differentiator

  • Session 3. Structure Your Organization towards Compliance

  • Session 4.1 Operational Excellence Part 1: Process Enhancement and Management of Your Organization

  • Session 4.2 Operational Excellence Part 2: Effective Project Planning and Delivery (including Townships)

  • Session 5. Case Study Discussion


  • Session 1. Building a Customer Centric Organization

  • Session 2. New Construction Technologies

  • Session 3. Quality Management and Control

  • Session 4. Participant Presentations on Alternate Business Models in Real Estate

  • Session 5.1 Keynote Address: Creating the Co-Working Culture

  • Session 5.2 Keynote Address 2: Designing for the Future

  • Cocktails and Networking

  • Session 1. Impact of the Insolvency Code &Benami Properties on Real Estate

  • Session 2. Scaling Your Affordable Housing Business

  • Session 3. Smart City Developments and Sustainability

  • Session 4. Digitisation and Automation of Your Real Estate Organization

  • Session 5. The Story of Success- Building a Brand, Brick by Brick

  • Cocktails and Networking

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