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Marketing and Leasing : Retail Properties And Office Buildings

  • Program Objectives:
    • Identify shopping center characteristics
    • Learn the roles of management and a leasing staff
    • Understand the different types of retailers and aspects of merchandising
    • Determine appropriate strategies and materials for marketing the property, and develop practices for retaining tenants
    • Identify major lease provisions and clauses and their impact on the property’s financial health
    • Understand the techniques for promoting shopping centers to retail customers
    • Identify office building characteristics and economic factors that contribute to an effective market analysis
    • Conduct a market analysis to effectively position the office building within the market
    • Determine appropriate marketing strategies for office buildings
    • Establish effective leasing plans, tenant mix and placement strategies, space planning techniques, and prospect qualification criteria
    • Understand major lease provisions and clauses and their impact on the property’s financial health
    • Explore tenant retention strategies and techniques for investigating and resolving tenant complaints
    Who should take this course?
    • Real Estate industry professionals
    • Property buyers and sellers
    • Real Estate Brokers and Consultants
    Program Highlights:
    • Total Duration: Classroom training ~ 32 hrs.
    Market Analysis – Retail Properties:
    • Regional & Local Demographics/Psychographics
    • Trade Area Mapping
    • Market Share Analysis
    • Comparison Grids
    Marketing Strategies – Retail Properties:
    • Shopping Centre marketing strategies
    • Brand Development
    • Social Media
    Essentials of the Lease – Retail Properties:
    • Key Elements:
      • Retail Lease Provisions
      • Concessions
      • Lease Renewals
    Leasing Strategies – Retail Properties:
    • Tenant Mix & Placement
    • Broker Commissions
    • Qualifying Retailers
    Office Markets:
    • Office Building Characteristics
    • Economics of Office buildings
    • Correlation between leasing and property value
    • Space Measurement
    Market Assessment – Office Buildings:
    • Regional & Local Analysis
    • Impact of Economic factors
    • Comparison Grids
    Marketing & Leasing Strategies – Office Buildings:
    • Broker relationships
    • Office Building Marketing strategies
    • Tenant Mix & Placement
    • Prospect Qualification
    • Office Building Lease provisions
    • Lease Negotiation & Analysis
    Tenant Retention – Office Buildings:
    • Implementing Tenant Retention strategies
    • Resolving Tenant complaints
    • Lease Expiration & Buy-out

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