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In collaboration with IREM®, USA, REMI’s Executive Programs have been designed with a view to:

  • To enhance leadership for existing real estate professionals
  • To instill knowledge from the best practices of global, multi-national real estate companies through the IREM collaboration. This also includes assessing management skills for superior performance for increased Return on Investment (ROI)
  • To instill codes of ethics and professionalism to increase customer satisfaction
  • To provide qualitative and quantitative information and tools that promote knowledge sharing among real estate industry professionals


  • Program Objectives:
    • Identify the skills required to make decisions that meet the owner’s objectives for the property's performance
    • Practice skills to prepare budgets, forecast income and expenses, and analyze variances in order to meet objectives
    • Identify the components of cash flow and calculate measures of investment return in order to analyze long-term investment performance
    • Apply capitalization and valuation techniques to project the market value and investment value of properties
    • Perform key calculations using the financial calculator
    • Recognize common sources of real estate financing and calculate payments on loan types
    • Calculate loan ratios to determine opportunities and risk factors for the property owner
    Who should take this course?
    • Undergraduates, graduates, post graduates
    • Real Estate industry professionals
    • Property buyers and sellers
    • Real Estate brokers and consultants
    Program Highlights:
    • Total Duration: Classroom training ~16 hrs.
    Financial Knowledge in Property Management:
    • Owner’s Goals & Objectives
    • Basic Accounting terminologies and types
    • Common Accounting Practices
    Budgeting & Reports:
    • Budgets
    • Forecasts
    • Variances
    Cash Flow Analysis:
    • Pro forma Statements
    • Cash Flow trends
    • Rate of Return
    Capitalization & Valuation:
    • Property Valuation
    • Income Capitalization
    • Equity Capitalization
    Financial Calculations:
    • Financial Analysis Calculators
    • Time Value of Money
    • Amortization
    • Financing Basics
    • Types & Sources of Loans
    • Loan Calculations
    • Title theory vs. Lien theory
    • Yield Maintenance
    Loan Analysis:
    • Loan to Value (LTV)
    • Debt Coverage Ratio
    • Leverage
  • Program Objectives:
    • Identify shopping center characteristics
    • Learn the roles of management and a leasing staff
    • Understand the different types of retailers and aspects of merchandising
    • Determine appropriate strategies and materials for marketing the property, and develop practices for retaining tenants
    • Identify major lease provisions and clauses and their impact on the property’s financial health
    • Understand the techniques for promoting shopping centers to retail customers
    • Identify office building characteristics and economic factors that contribute to an effective market analysis
    • Conduct a market analysis to effectively position the office building within the market
    • Determine appropriate marketing strategies for office buildings
    • Establish effective leasing plans, tenant mix and placement strategies, space planning techniques, and prospect qualification criteria
    • Understand major lease provisions and clauses and their impact on the property’s financial health
    • Explore tenant retention strategies and techniques for investigating and resolving tenant complaints
    Who should take this course?
    • Real Estate industry professionals
    • Property buyers and sellers
    • Real Estate Brokers and Consultants
    Program Highlights:
    • Total Duration: Classroom training ~ 32 hrs.
    Market Analysis – Retail Properties:
    • Regional & Local Demographics/Psychographics
    • Trade Area Mapping
    • Market Share Analysis
    • Comparison Grids
    Marketing Strategies – Retail Properties:
    • Shopping Centre marketing strategies
    • Brand Development
    • Social Media
    Essentials of the Lease – Retail Properties:
    • Key Elements:
      • Retail Lease Provisions
      • Concessions
      • Lease Renewals
    Leasing Strategies – Retail Properties:
    • Tenant Mix & Placement
    • Broker Commissions
    • Qualifying Retailers
    Office Markets:
    • Office Building Characteristics
    • Economics of Office buildings
    • Correlation between leasing and property value
    • Space Measurement
    Market Assessment – Office Buildings:
    • Regional & Local Analysis
    • Impact of Economic factors
    • Comparison Grids
    Marketing & Leasing Strategies – Office Buildings:
    • Broker relationships
    • Office Building Marketing strategies
    • Tenant Mix & Placement
    • Prospect Qualification
    • Office Building Lease provisions
    • Lease Negotiation & Analysis
    Tenant Retention – Office Buildings:
    • Implementing Tenant Retention strategies
    • Resolving Tenant complaints
    • Lease Expiration & Buy-out
  • Program Objectives:
    • Designed for all real estate working professionals who would like to gain knowledge about Project Management techniques.
    • Working professionals who have a Civil Engineering background will benefit from learning about planning, estimation and managing real estate projects while gaining an understanding of international projects.
    Who should take this course?
    • Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Executives
    • Project Coordinators, Junior Project Managers
    • Developers and builders
    • Civil engineers
    Program Highlights:
    • Total Duration: 5 days program.
    Soft Skills:
    • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders as described by Dr. Covey
    • Presentation skills for engineers
    • Innovation and creativity
    Fundamentals of Real Estate:
    • Introduction to Real Estate Project Life Cycle
    • Check list for all legal aspects
    Real Estate Project Management:
    • Understanding Project Management concepts, processes and steps
    • Identifying project scope, marketing & sales plans
    • Projecting Time and Total Costs
    • Identification of risks
    • Quality in real estate projects
    • Human Resource management in construction projects
    • Marketing Services
    • Impact of effective communication
    • Procurement and management of contracts
    • Integrating the entire project
    • Marketing strategies and business plans
    • Tracking and monitoring systems used in real estate projects
  • Program Objectives:
    • Understand the importance of planning, executing, and managing an effective, cost efficient property maintenance and risk management program
    • Understand the property inspection process to ensure proactive maintenance, reduce risk, and identify risks to be managed
    • Identify key maintenance for major building mechanicals and systems
    • Evaluate, select, and manage cost-effective on-site maintenance staff and contractors Identify ways to implement conservation strategies that improve sustainability and efficiency while reducing operating expenses
    • Understand the role of insurance in the overall risk management strategy
    • Understand the importance of planning and implementing an emergency and disaster program that addresses both preparation and post-disaster response
    Who should take this course?
    • Undergraduates, graduates, post graduates
    • Real Estate industry professionals
    • Property buyers and sellers
    • Real Estate brokers and consultants
    Program Highlights:
    • Total Duration: Classroom Training ~ 16 hrs.
    Maintenance & Risk Management Programs:
    • Establishing a maintenance & risk management program
    • Recognizing owner’s goals, maintenance & risk management objectives
    • Policies & Procedures
    • Developing a Maintenance Budget
    Inspection & Risk Analysis:
    • Importance of Assessment & Inspection
    • Risk management techniques
    • Minimizing risks & hazards
    • Planning Considerations
    • Types of Insurance coverage
    Major Building Mechanicals & Systems:
    • Guidelines
    • Procedures
    Maintenance Management:
    • Job Specification & Evaluating Bids
    • Bidding Ethics
    • Contractor Negotiations & Features
    • Managing Contractors & Maintenance Activities
    • Maintenance Inefficiencies & Opportunities
    • Utility Bill Analysis
    • Energy & Water Conservation Strategies
    Emergency & Disaster Planning:
    • Safety & Emergency needs
    • Plans & Preparations
    • Post-Disaster response
    • Business Continuity Plans
  • Program Objectives:
    • Understand the concept of internet marketing/sales utilizing traditional marketing methods
    • Learn and implement the different types of internet marketing
    • Develop the necessary soft skills to implement internet marketing successfully
    • Understand the importance of Social Media & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to market various products/services effectively
    • Learn to utilize websites & create insightful blogs
    • Identify and apply the various methods of lead generation
    • Identify methods to approach a customer and strengthen customer retention
    Essential skills:
    • Verbal and Para-verbal Communication Skills
    • Business Etiquette
    Who should take this course?
    • Real Estate brokers and consultants
    • Person(s) seeking an online real estate business
    • Real Estate industry professionals
    • Property buyers and sellers
    Program Highlights:
    • Total Duration: Classroom Training for 32 hrs.
    Internet Marketing & Sales:
    • Basic Techniques of Marketing & Sales
    • Internet Marketing Techniques
    • Top 10 Marketing Strategies
    • Using Social Media – The “Do’s & Don’ts”
    • Create Websites and write insightful Blogs
    • Lead generation
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Customer Handling & Customer Loyalty in Online Marketing
    • Documentation & Report Writing
  • Program Objectives:
    • Assess leadership skills to identify management strengths and developmental needs
    • Learn and interpret associate and client behavior
    • Assume accountability as a leader in your organization through coaching direct reports
    • Lead your organization and your employees through change toward greater productivity and profitability
    • Assume leadership and apply what you learned in our training workshop
    • Utilize your resources to maintain a human resource management team
    • Understand Employment law and compliance
    • Evaluate staffing needs and the skills and knowledge required in each job for successful recruitment
    • Manage employee performance through an evaluation process, compensation, benefits, motivation, discipline, and recognition/reward programs
    Who should take this course?
    • Real Estate industry professionals
    • Property buyers and sellers
    • Real estate brokers and consultants
    Program Highlights:
    • Total Duration: Classroom Training of ~ 16 hrs.
    • Leadership Self-Assessment
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Coaching
    • Performance Feedback
    • Change
    Planning & Analysis:
    • Staffing Needs
    • Job Responsibilities & Skills
    • Job Descriptions
    • Record Keeping
    Recruiting & Selection:
    • Employee Diversity
    • Candidate Qualification
    • Interviewing
    • Alternative Staffing options
    Performance Management & Evaluation:
    • Methods of Performance Management & Evaluation
    • Compensation & Benefits
    • Disciplinary Action
    • Recognition & Rewards
    Housing Finance:
    • Home Loan Processes
    • Lead Generation from Home Loans
    • Home Loan Calculations
    Advanced Real Estate Concepts:
    • Land Deals
    • Property Redevelopment Project Life Cycle & Project Transition
    • Deal Structuring
    • Facility Management
    • Contract Administration and Procedural Aspects
    • An Overview of Project Management
    International Best Practices (in association with IREM®, USA)
    • Leadership
    • Human Resource Management & Employment Considerations
    • Human Resource Planning & Analysis
    • Recruiting & Selection
    • Performance Management & Evaluation

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