Are these programs affiliated to any University?

These programs are autonomous courses of REMI.

Is there an entrance test/interview to enroll for the program?

You don't need to attempt any entrance test or interview; however, depending on your choice of courses, you would need to fulfill the criteria of minimum academic qualification. You may refer our website for information on varying criteria for each course; alternatively you may visit our study center or chat online with our counselors.

Do I need to have a specific tenure of work experience before I enroll for the program?

Our courses can be availed by fresher and working professionals both. Working professionals don't need to comply with any work experience criteria.

What is the duration of the program?

The course duration will depend on the program you have opted for. We have a whole gamut of courses from Executive programs to short term workshops along with comprehensive management courses.

How do I select a program which is right for me?

We have our team of counselors who will assist you with understanding different programs and making an informed choice.

What is the difference between Executive programs and Certification programs?

Executive programs are designed in a way where they cater to specific content in a short duration of time. Executive programs are developed keeping the working professionals in mind while Certification programs are more comprehensive and facilitate a thorough understanding of the subject.

When are the exams conducted & what are the Evaluation criteria for the programs?

Exams are conducted on the set intervals for each program.Students will be evaluated on assignments, tests and internships. Weightages are different for these criteria. Students have to get overall 70% in these assessments to earn the certificate. 80% attendance is must before you are considered for above evaluations.

What is the typical batch size for the programs?

We strictly avoid our batch size going beyond 15-20 students to ensure that each student is given equal focus by the faculty.

I am only free on weekends/weekdays. Is it feasible for me to take up a program?

Yes. We have batches on weekdays and weekends both.

What is the training style classroom or on-job or online?

Our training methodology is a comprehensive and unique combination of classroom theoretical training, practical internship training and online content.

Do you offer any support for Soft Skills development?

Yes. Mere theoretical knowledge along with hands on experience gives a good start to your career but when you enhance your soft skills, it boosts your personality development & inter-personal skills to another level.

Do I get a degree post this program?

No. It is a professional certification program. You will be awarded a certificate from REMI post successful completion of your course and internship. These certificates and the knowledge gained through these courses would give you an edge over the other candidates when you apply for career opportunities with real estate companies.

Do you have any separate classes for pre-exam preparation?

It is ensured that all the topics are explained in depth and all your queries are answered during the class. However, if you have any query which needs to be addressed, the trainers would not hesitate to allocate you some additional time.

How can the students check the examination result?

We have a user friendly learning management system where all our students can login to check their results, give assessments, solve sample papers, track attendance and find any info with regard to their program and progress.

Will I get a diploma certificate on completion of the program?

We are offering skill improvement courses pertaining to a specific industry. Upon completion of the courses, you receive a certificate for successful completion. Our certificates have a significant value in the industry and it helps you find a suitable employment.

Does REMI certification have a validation/demand in the current job market?

Yes. Our certification is recognized by reputed real estate corporate and allied sectors. Our students are placed across organizations at different levels which evince their trust in our syllabus, training & certification. Our courses are designed with their feedback to ensure it matches with their expectations.

What are the benefits of taking a course with REMI or being certified by REMI ?

Our certification is recognized by reputed real estate corporate and allied sectors. Our students are placed across organizations at different levels. Besides that, Internship forms an integral part of our training methodology which gives practical exposure to our students.


What are the fees to be paid?

Fees vary from course to course. You can visit any of our centers at the address mentioned on Contact Us page.

How do I make the fee payment and get started?

To enroll to our courses, you need to visit our centers at the address mentioned on Contact Us page and pay by the mode of Cash, Cheque, DD & Fund Transfer. You can connect to our expert counsellors at the numbers mentioned on Contact Us page.

Can I pay the fees in installments?

Considering that the duration of the courses is not very long, the fees are collected in one installment before the commencement of the course. However, under exceptional circumstances, we would give an installment option to our students, based on the sole discretion of REMI. To enquire about this facility, you will need to visit our centre in your proximity.

What are the modes of payment?

The fees can be paid by Cash/Cheque/DD at the institute.

Will the fees be refunded if I decide to discontinue the course later?

Please refer our CANCELLATION POLICY available on our website.

How do we get the study material? Are there any extra charges for that?

We will provide you with the required study material post registration for any of the programs. The charges for study material are included in the fees and no additional charges to be paid.

Is the study material provided by you sufficient to clear the exam or do we need to refer other books?

Yes. Our study material is comprehensive and all-inclusive. You would not be required to refer to other books in order to pass the exam. However, if there is a topic that requires research for more in depth knowledge then the trainer would recommend the reference material


Do you offer any Internships

Yes. We assist you with internships post your theory classes. Internships form an inevitable part of our training methodology.

In what way are the students placed?

We assist you with placements based on merit and the requirements with our partners. Students are placed in various profiles based on the selection process.

Will I be posted to a different city/state for Internship?

There is a very minimal chance of out-station internship; however, in case of better learning opportunity we offer the same to our students. It can be then decided by the student if s/he wants to avail the opportunity. We don't force for such postings. We provide internships based on your location to the maximum possible extent.

Can I opt out of Internship training?

Internship/On-job exposure is an integral part of our programs and has an assigned weightage in the certification process. We aim to imbibe practical know-how in conjunction with the theoretical aspect of Real Estate. Therefore, it cannot be avoided.

I want to know more about your placements. What do I do?

Please walk-in to our centers or contact the counselors on the given telephone numbers on Contact Us page.

Will the fees be refunded if I decide to discontinue the course later?

Please refer our CANCELLATION POLICY available on our website.


Why should I consider a career in Real Estate?

Real Estate is the 2nd highest growing sector in Employment Generation in India, after Agriculture. Knowledge driven and Expertise-linked real estate professionals are highly valued in both domestic and international markets. It continues to show an annual growth rate of 20-25 per cent per annum. This ratifies that the opportunities in this sector are highly lucrative and up for grabs.

Why should I prefer Real Estate programs to traditional degree education?

Anything which is scarce is high in demand, in most of the cases. By opting for these courses, you distinguish yourself from majority of the educated youth with traditional degrees. They might be in millions but you are NOT! This gives you an edge in today's competitive world.

Is REMI accredited?

We are an autonomous institute.

How many centers do you have and where are they located?

Currently we have 2 centers, click on Contact Us page for address to our centers.

Does REMI have any branches outside Maharashtra?

We have our expansion and diversification plans at the strategic level. These will be implemented in specific phases in future. We aim to set up branches in other cities of India and also abroad.

I am an under-graduate/a graduate/a post graduate. Am I eligible?

All undergraduates pursuing their final year of college are eligible for the courses.All graduates and post-graduates are eligible for all our courses.You can connect to our expert counsellors at the numbers mentioned on Contact Us page.

I am a working professional. Can I enroll for any of your programs?

Yes. You can opt for any of our courses of your choice and preference. We have both week days and weekend classes available. We also provide workshops, customized training and Executive programs for corporate executives.

I am the sole proprietor/partner/director of a real estate company. Do you have any suitable programs for my employees, to sharpen their skill sets?

Yes. We provide Executive programs on specific topics to sharpen their skills. We also provide customized training solutions or workshops based on client requirement. Please mail us your enquiry @ enquiry@remiol.com and our marketing team would get in touch with you to understand your requirement. Please refer to our Contact Us page to send your enquiry.

I am from a vernacular medium school/college. Will I be able to cope with the program content?

Yes. Why not! We have our study material which is well designed to support the training methodologies in a language easy to understand and apply. Additionally our faculties come with a humble background with only focus on developing our students.

What makes REMI better than the others?

Please refer to the WHY REMI section on our home page.

What do you offer for Corporates?

We provide workshops, customized training and Executive programs for corporate executives.