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Building a Green Future

16   Apr 2018 / Source:  Construction Opportunities

highlights: On a big jacaranda tree resplendent in purple nestles alongside a willowy Neem outside my bedroom window.

Checklist for land purpose

14   Apr 2018 / Source:  Mumbai Mirror

Highlights : On buying a plot or land is a very complex process and hence one is required to be more cautions before making any final decision. It mentions how one buyer thoroughly check a list of details while or before purchasing a land.

Prosperity through property: Akshaya Tritiya Special

13   Apr 2018 / Source:  Magic Bricks

Highlights: On the house you looked at today and wanted to think about until tomorrow may be the same house someone looked at yesterday and will buy today, said famous US real estate consultant Koki Adasi.

Prosperity Through Property

13   Apr 2018 / Source:  Times Property

Highlights: On the rights to purchase a house on Akshay Tritiya with the experts opinions on watching the market carefully by acquiring the most essential purchase of one’s life and sealing the best deal available for a buyer in a market.

A Career in Real Estate

09   Apr 2018 / Source:  Youth Incorporated

Highlights the interesting elements in Real Estate traditionally where there have been no ‘qualified’ people but Now, everyone in this sector have learnt on the job. As the sector gets more organized, the regulatory frame work changes.

The curious case of Interest rates

07   Apr 2018 / Source:  Times Property

Highlights: On the scenario of rate hikes in home loan interest rates and tips to overcome the effects of the seme.

Lesser Known Careers In Real Estate

03   Apr 2018 / Source:  Hitavada

Ms.Shubika Bilkha had shared her views on "The lesser know careers in real estate for the fresh graduates or an early stage professional stage which are trying to outline a long term career path as today its very challenging."

Parameters affecting ease of doing business rankings: govt. to PMO

02   Apr 2018 / Source:  The Hindu

Highlights: Ms. Shubika Bilkha director, The Real Estate Management Institute (REMI) quoted that, “The PMO has focused on improving India’s ease of doing business ranking and remains committed in its endeavour to accomplish a better rank.