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About the program

The Real Estate Management Institute (REMI), in collaboration with MCHI-CREDAI has launched the first comprehensive Real Estate Broker Certification Program.

This 30-hour part-time program spread over 3 weeks, has been carefully designed in line with global broker licensing benchmarks and in consultation with key industry associations in India. The aim of the program is to create well-informed brokers by equipping them with the necessary technical, business and entrepreneurial skills.

How can it benefit you?

REMI's Real Estate Broker Certification has been carefully designed to equip real estate brokers with the necessary technical, business and entrepreneurial skills required by them to build and scale their business. 

Through the program, real estate brokers can:

  1. Become a certified real estate broker with REMI- The Real Estate Management Institute and MCHI-CREDAI
  2. Build key technical skills through a comprehensive understanding of the legal documentation and processes involved in a real estate transaction
  3. Improve lead generation through the effective use of the digital medium and other key channels
  4. Enhance their customer servicing and relationship management capabilities with key tools and technologies.
  5. Acquire the key entrepreneurial skills that will enable them to develop, build and scale their brokerage business

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Why Choose REMI’s Broker Certification Program

  • Leading Real Estate
    Management Institute

  • Certification from
    REMI and MCHI

  • Learn from Industry

  • Industry Interactions

  • Become a Certified Broker

What do we Offer

REMI Certification Programs Features

  • Get trained by
    Industry Experts

  • Industry Interaction

Additional Modules on
  • RERA

  • Lead Generation

  • Digital Marketing

  • Tax Planning



  • Shubika Bilkha
  • Mr. T D Joseph Business Head, MCHI - CREDAI.

    “The partnership between REMI and MCHI-CREDAI highlights the need for sufficient training in a range of disciplines and emphasizes the want for ongoing training and development. MCHI-CREDAI and REMI are going to work towards skills development especially the broker fraternity and capacity building in the Indian real estate sector. All in all such collaboration will help organising the sector and will make the functioning of activities faster and process driven.”

  • Shubika Bilkha
  • Shubika Bilkha, Business-Head, REMI.

    “Through the Real Estate Broker Certification program in collaboration with MCHI-CREDAI, we at REMI- The Real Estate Management Institute, look to facilitate industry development by increasing the number of qualified real estate brokers, who are the key facilitators of real estate transactions. Our program has been developed in conjunction with the industry and benchmarked on global broker licensing norms, to provide technical, business and entrepreneurial skills to brokers. With increased regulatory vigilance in the sector through the introduction of RERA 2016, combined with a more informed consumer of today, enhancing their knowledge and building the required skills will be an essential pre-requisite for brokers to remain competitive and stay relevant in an evolving environment.”

  • Joe Greenblatt
  • Joe Greenblatt, CPM Chairman, IREM International Management Board

    We are very excited about this partnership not only because India is a major Global Player but because we have such confidence in the work and the vision of REMI. We know REMI, like IREM, is invested in providing quality Real Estate education to Indian Professionals.

  • Gaurav Pokhriyal
  • Gaurav Pokhriyal, REMI BM - May 2016 Placed as ‘
    Customer Relationship Manager –

    It was a great experience studying at REMI, it enhanced my knowledge about the real estate sector and gave me a career growth. Today I am working with as a CRM through REMI.

  • Chinmay Rajpure
  • Chinmay Rajpure, Marketing and Sales Executive

    I did the real estate management course from REMI through which I got an opportunity to work as an intern with Shivalik Ventures as Marketing and Sales Executive. My experience at REMI was very fruitful, the faculty have vast knowledge about the subject and the external faculty are excellent. People looking to gain in-depth knowledge on real estate sector should join REMI.

  • Siddhartha Mishra
  • Siddhartha Mishra, Sales Manager

    It was great to be a part of REMI. In a short span, REMI imparted real estate technical knowledge and helped me enhance my soft skills. Thank you REMI for giving me the opportunity to start my career in the real estate sector by getting me placed at India Bulls Distribution Pvt. Ltd

  • Vishnu Priya
  • Vishnu Priya,

    I wanted to learn about Real Estate Managemet and chose to do a program at REMI. It has been a wonderful experience and I have acquired a lot of relevant sector knowledge through REMI. The practical examples have been more helpful, in additional to the technical knowledge gained. The faculties have been cooperative and are most informed. I appreciate the initiative by REMI

  • Santosh Dabade
  • Santosh Dabade, Senior Sales Executive

    I joined as a student for Marketing and sales batch, the program was very informative and the faculties were very good, I learnt a lot from here. I got an opportunity through REMI to work with The Wadhwa Group. I am thankful to REMI Team for all the support in terms of placement and all the other activities that helped me groom my skills.

  • Viral Sarvariya
  • Viral Sarvariya,

    It has been a privilege to be a student of REMI. This has helped me understand various horizons of the real estate sector. The Real Estate Business Management Housing Finance (BMF 201) was a very informative program that helped me groom myself to build a lucrative career in the real estate sector. I strongly recommend this program to all those interested in the Real Estate Sector to join REMI

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