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Talk more about yourself, family etc.?It is a general myth is that the interviewers ask this question as an ice breaker The real intention of the interviewer is to understand how well and confident is the interviewee and if the interviewee can effectively introduce herself/himself in a short time frame..This is your personal ’30 second Elevator Pitch. Make sure that you are well prepared to tackle this as first impression counts.

Talk about your work experience, walk us through your CV?
Tell us more about your role/ job profile in each company that you have worked with/ currently working?
Take us through you special achievements/ awards won?

These questions all look for similar answer. The interviewer is trying to gauge the interviewee’s achievements and how effectively the interviewee presents it. The worst thing that a candidate can do is to answer this question by saying “my Resume mentions all my work experience, achievements, etc.” Recruiters are already aware of what has been presented on the resume however the intention behind asking this question is to hear from candidate on how comfortable, and confident they are while talking about their experience, current role/ job profile/ achievements & awards. This questions gives the candidate the ability showcase their dedication towards the role and their careers.
These are the most common interview question that an interviewer ask the candidates to identify how the candidate presents themselves. This creates is a benchmark question as the interviewer assesses which candidate is good for him/her based on their value addition to the role/ profile.

How do you think you will contribute to our company’s growth?

Like an ideal answer to the question – How do you think you will contribute to our company’s growth – they are not looking for the interviewee to give them long term strategic plan but are trying to get an insight to your skills and understand the time spent by the interviewee on searching the company. This is a good way for the interviewer to understand a candidate’s enthusiasm for the role.

After 3 years of joining us/ RE sector, how do you see yourself growing and explain your growth plan.?

An ideal way to answer the question – “ I will stay committed towards achieving your company’s goals and align my personal/ professional growth goals to company’s goal and work towards achieving both over a period of time.”

Why should we hire you then others sitting outside. What is so special in you than others?

This is to first understand why the recruiters asks a candidate this question – the recruiters first want to see how do you react to this question in both the ways – verbal and more importantly Para – verbal. If a candidate’s expression change or they fumble while answering this question, the recruiters feel that they have come for an interview just because they need a job. However if you are able to answer this question with an answer – Sir/ Madam, I am not come for this interview to judge how the other candidates who have applied for this job are my purpose is to highlight, my achievements in past, my enthusiasm for this role and my future long term plans that could be of value for your organisation.

What type of personality you have?

This is a tricky question to answer. The interviewer tries to understand your presentation skills, how well do you describe yourself, what impression do you create about yourself, you outlook to your professional and personal development. Employers are looking for candidates who have a positive approach to life.

What is your one life changing lesson?

This question is again to check how much you evolve as person due to circumstances and how positively you start to implement and adjust to those circumstances and bring around changes in your life

What are 3 main challenges/ obstacles you will face while selling flats in RE?

First – when the client is not sure of what they actually looking for.
Second – Clients Budget constraint or delayed decision making. This is when the convincing skill is required the most.
Third – Clients are over-particular while purchasing their dream home. Trying to understand their requirement, and providing the confidence and comfort in the property displayed is an uphill battle.

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