Executive Program in Real Estate Finance (REF 101)

All real estate professionals working in non-finance roles often face the challenges of dealing indirectly with financial data. As in any business, having a basic understanding of finance is not only important but also helpful. In the current scenario, the real estate sector has a lot of opportunities for cross-functional leaders. Here is where our 2 day short Executive Program ‘Real Estate Finance for Non-Finance’ steps in to help you develop the required financial understanding. Over the short period of 2 days, you will grasp the key terms and calculations of basic real estate financial concepts which will help propel your career in real estate.


Session 1 Induction and Introduction
Basic Financial Terms and Concepts
Session 2 Basics of Finance

    1. Accounting methods
    2. Financial Statements
      a) Balance Sheets
      b) Profit and Loss Statements
      c) Cash Flows
Session 3 Balance Sheet of a Real Estate Company in India

  1. IND AS
  2. Revenue recognition methods (POCM)
Session 4 Key Ratios and Investment Terminologies

  1. Key Ratios
    Leverage ratios, DSCR, Interest coverage ratios
      1. Investment Terminologies
        a. Interest, Time Value of Money (PV, FV)
        b. NPV, IRR, Payback period, Investment multiple
Session 5 Real Estate Funding

    1. Sources of funding
    2. Type of structures
    3. Financial instruments
Session 6 Financial Modelling Workshop

  1. Basics of financial modeling using excel sheet
  2. Preparation of cash flows
Session 7 Valuation of Real Estate Assets
Exam and Assessment



  1. Contemporary Content in the area of Real Estate Financing
  2. Equips participants with an understanding of basic financial terminologies
  3. Specially designed for professionals with non-finance background
  4. A 16-hour program that includes certification post course completion
  5. Study resources for reference and practice



  1. Professionals in the real estate sector who want to understand the basics of finance.
  2. Students with an interest in real estate finance (Management, commerce, economics background) wanting to make careers in real estate.
  3. Business development / Land acquisition professionals looking to enhance their financial knowledge.



Date: To be announced

16 Hours in-class program conducted on:

Wednesday and Thursday

Timing: 10 a.m. – 06 p.m.



For more detailed information contact on 1800227364 / info@remi.edu.in

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