Executive Program on Development Control and Promotion Regulations – DCPR 2034

This ‘Decoding the DCPR-2034’ program launched by The Real Estate Management Institute- REMI in collaboration with CREDAI-MCHI is a 20+ hour intensive program specifically designed for real estate professionals, new entrants, owners, and entrepreneurs. The program provides attendees with a complete understanding of the new development norms as announced in Mumbai. The course gives additional clarity relating to the new norms and supplements the DCPR content with examples, clarifications, case discussions, and activities.



    1. The course provides an end to end understanding of the new development control regulations in Mumbai starting from land zoning to the FSI calculations
    2. It outlines the features of new DCPR, as well gives a comparison between the old DCR of 1991 and the new DCPR



Session Detail
  • Special Introductory Session:
  • Impact of the DCPR on real estate
  • Likely trends to emerge
  • Business Forecasts for the sector
2 Land zoning  & General  Building Requirements

  1. Comparison chart between DCR-91 and DCPR-34
  2. Details :
    a. Zoning definitions
    b. Uses permitted in each zone
    c. Conditions for usage
    d. Exceptions

General Building Requirements

  1. Comparison chart between DCR-91 and DCPR-34
  2. Details:
    a. Requirements of parts of the building (Key)
    b. Open Space requirements and uses permitted in each
    c. Height
    d. Parking requirement
    e. Restrictions

Discussion Session: NDZ and CRZ norms

3 Land reservations and their development

  1. Comparison chart between DCR-91 and DCPR-34
  2. Details:
    a. Kind of reservations?
    b. Development requirements, amenities and facilities
    c. Additional FSI in lieu of development of reservations
    d. I to R/C conversion

Requirements of site and layout

  1. Comparison chart between DCR-91 and DCPR-34
  2. Details:
    a. Access Layout / amalgamation / subdivision of plots
    b. RG areas
    c. Special conditions for development of large layouts
4 FSI (Floor Space Index)

  1. Comparison chart between DCR-91 and DCPR-34
  2. Details:
    a. Inherent / Zonal FSI
    b. FSI areas and free of FSI areas
    c. Premium FSI and Fungible FSI
    d. TDR
    i. Generation of TDR
    ii. Utilization of TDR
    e. Premium calculations

Additional FSI under various cases (Reg 33)

  1. MHADA development – 33(5)
  2. Redevelopment of cessed buildings – 33(7)
    a. Redevelopment of non-cessed suburban bldgs. – 33(7)(A)
    b. Redevelopment of housing societies excluding cessed buildings – 33(7)(B)
  3. Cluster development – 33(9)
5 Additional FSI under various cases (Reg 33)

  1. SRA – 33(10)
  2. Other additional FSI regulations
    a. Affordable housing in SDZ – 33(8)
    b. IT& ITES – 33(13)
    c. Public Parking Scheme – 33(18)
    d. Commercial development in CBD – 33(19)
    e. Affordable housing / Rehabilitation & resettlement  – 33(20)

FSI calculation case study

6 Special Session :

From Control to Promotion: Perspectives of the Developer Assessment, Challenges & Benefits for the Business

7 Q & A



  1. Is designed to address different aspects and impact that these changes will bring
  2. Socratic method of learning that combines the content with relevant examples, case discussions, and activities
  3. 20+ Hour intensive program designed exclusively for the real estate sector
  4. Engaging and Relevant content taught by certified faculty and industry experts
  5. A must-do program for all involved with real estate development in the Mumbai region



Developers, Real Estate Professionals, New Entrants, Owners, Entrepreneurs Architects, Town planners, and Environmentalists

Program date will be announced soon.

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