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Welcome to The Real Estate Management Institute- REMI’s Alumni Association!

As an alumni of REMI, you are a part of a niche network of real estate professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs and change-makers who share a common passion, intellect and drive towards excellence. The Alumni Association is a unique platform that fosters industry development, lifelong learning and empowers alumni to connect with each other and the Institute to drive meaningful change in the real estate industry in India.

We encourage you to actively participate in the association, an exclusive resource for our alumni and contribute to REMI’s vision of serving as the cornerstone for ‘Building’ a Better India.

Through REMI’s Alumni Association you can

  • Be a part of a unique initiative in real estate in India
  • Connect with other members of REMI’s growing alumni network
  • Interact with leaders and experts across the real estate industry
  • Attend events and knowledge sessions to stay abreast with real estate trends, policies and changes
  • Participate in career building opportunities
  • Exchange ideas with peers and leaders in real estate

REMI Alumni

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      Alumni Stories

      Why Green Leasing is the Future of Indian Real Estate?

      The Indian real estate sector is undergoing a transformation, driven by a growing focus on sustainability. Green leasing is emerging as a key driver of this change, offering a win-win situation for both landlords and tenants. Top 7 Skills You […]

      Indian Cities Redefining the Top 20 Global Growth Destinations

      The luxury housing boom in India is reshaping cities, propelling them into the top global growth destinations. The latest report of Prime Global Cities Index (PGCI), Knight Frank, Q3 2023 paints a fascinating picture of the Indian real estate market. […]

      Driving Forces Behind the Luxury Housing Boom in India

      Are you ready to delve into the realm of opulence and grandeur? Picture this: a Real Estate giant, making headlines by selling over 2,000 apartments priced at ₹ 6.5 crores and above in just three days! This isn’t a fantasy; […]