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    Leading Institute For Real Estate Education

    The Real Estate Management Institute- REMI is a leading educational institute offering real estate courses in India. REMI currently provides certification programs, executive courses, customized training workshops and other management programs for the real estate industry. REMI offers world-class best practices, that enables new entrants, early-stage professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders adapt to an ever evolving regulatory regime.

    Some of REMI’s flagship programs include Certification Program in Real Estate Business Management – one of our highest rated real estate program, followed with MahaRERA Agent Training Program, Real Estate Digital Marketing and Construction Management Program, to name a few. REMI also launched the Owner Developer Program specifically designed for Executive Directors, Directors, Owners, C-Suite Executives, Senior VPs of Real Estate Companies, Next Gen Builders and Developers to empower them to improve corporate performance and drive competitive advantage in the real estate sector.

    Along with in-class learning, REMI also offers a series of online programs that cover modules focused on enhancing the learners technical, business and soft skills required in the real estate industry.

    REMI was established with a vision to 'Skill India to Build India' to contribute to industry development through its real estate and management courses and to facilitate individual careers, as well as enhance leadership for existing real estate professionals and serve as the cornerstone for building a better future.

    REMI - Building Futures, Building Excellence.

    Earn A Real Estate Certificate Online From REMI

    As a leader in real estate 'build to skill' educational programs, the Real Estate Management Institute (REMI) has now launched its online modules. With an aim to reach learners in different geographies, the modules offer a varied range of topics that are both in self-paced and live formats. The content is simple and relevant and an industry recognized REMI online certificate is provided on successful completion of the course. Regularly updated with new courses, this online learning portal is a powerful tool for anyone seeking to expand their knowledge of real estate from the comfort of their homes.

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    In line with our vision of 'Skill India to Build India', we look to facilitate individual careers in real estate, as well as enhance leadership for existing real estate professionals and serve as a cornerstone for building a better future. At REMI, we focus on the growth and development of each one of our students through our dedicated 'Career Development Cell (CDC)', giving students 100% internship and placement assistance. Additionally, all our certification courses have a module focused on soft-skill development, as we look to equip our students with all the necessary tools required to get them 'Job Ready'. Apply Now


    In a significant move aimed at enhancing transparency in the real estate sector, the Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) has introduced a QR code mandate for registered real estate agents in the promotion and advertisement of real estate projects. This mandate, outlined in MahaRERA Order No. 46B/2023, carries substantial

    MahaRERA’s QR Code Mandate: An Overview of the Implications for Builders

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    Introduction In recent years, the real estate industry in India has witnessed significant changes, resulting in the implementation of various regulatory measures to protect the interests of homebuyers and promote transparency in the sector. As part of its mandate, MahaRERA has introduced a project grading system to assess the quality

    A Comprehensive Guide to MahaRERA’s Project Grading Criteria

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    A real estate agent plays a very important role in the real estate sector and hence has been referred to as one of the important stakeholders of the sector apart from Allottees and promoters. Who is a Real Estate Agent? According to RERA, a real estate agent is defined as

    What a Real Estate Agent ought to know?

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    A promoter plays a very important role in the real estate sector and hence has been referred to as one of the important stakeholders of the sector apart from Allottees and real estate agents. Who is a promoter? A "promoter" under RERA is defined as a person or entity that:

    What a promoter ought to know?

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    Understanding Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III Cities in India's Diverse Landscape First, let us understand what Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III cities are, as India is a vast and diverse country with many cities that offer different opportunities and challenges for any kind of business growth,

    Driving Real Estate Growth: The Impetus of Tier II and Tier III Cities

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    What People Say

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to REMI and their teaching and placement faculty, for the progressive and encouraging experience I had over the past 4 months with them.
    The REMI Certification program in ‘Real Estate Management and Housing Finance’ was a great learning experience, with all the comprehensive knowledge of the subject and new information in the field imparted with efficiency.

    I also acknowledge you for being supportive and of great aid in the placement process during and after the course completion. Thanks to your guidance and help in the process by sharing profile with the Companies and arranging interviews, I was able to get a rewarding job as an Assistant Manager at Wadhwa Constructions.

    I appreciate all the input, knowledge and experience shared and look forward to your persistent support. I will always be grateful to REMI.

    I also hope for our continued communication in the future as well.

    Tarunika Thakur – BMF 2019- 2020 batch placed at Wadhwa Constructions as an Assistant Manager

    I am extremely happy about my decision to join this course and invest my time with REMI. A lot of the subject matter relates directly to my area of work and it helped me to understand those deeply. I think the content is good and has helped me enhance my practice and reinforce my understanding of concepts for the future. REMI is an excellent online platform for continuous learning.

    Manoj Mohanty – Business Management Online Live Program June 2020

    I am Sreenivasa Rao , a certified Business Doctor based out of Hyderabad and part of the U.K Based Management Consulting company called Business Doctors. We are engaged in the field of Management Consulting and Fund Raising for Businesses across Industries. We are currently catering to a few clients from the Real Estate Industry. With an Objective to understand the Real Estate Industry better, I have taken the “Real Estate Business Management” course conducted by REMI and found it very helpful. The syllabus, the content and its delivery exceeded my expectations. Though this was an online program, it was delivered quite professionally and to my satisfaction.

    I thank the management and trainers at REMI for such a wonderful effort and am glad thatI did this course from REMI.

    Best Regards,

    Shrini – Business Management Online Live Program June 2020

    I enjoyed the online course. I thought it was well planned easy for me to follow. I really enjoyed the classes and the format it was presented in. It was an amazing experience. I never expected to learn so much from an online class. Also, the assignments added to the entire learning process.

    Real Estate Business Management is my 3rd online program at REMI, after getting certified in Introduction to Real Estate and REITs. The entire course was very detailed and organized. And the case studies were very effective and based on actual projects. To sum up my experience, I enjoyed learning real estate at REMI despite being completely new to the industry. The sessions were imparted in a student-friendly format and all doubts and queries were addressed.

    I can proudly say that REMI has positively impacted my understanding of the real estate industry!

    Thank you so much REMI!

    Yatin – Business Management Online Live Program June 2020

    It has been such an amazing experience with REMI. I would like to thank the faculty for sharing their tremendous knowledge. I never thought that understanding construction techniques and calculations will be so easy and especially for a non-technical person like me, it sure was a relief! The best part of the syllabus for me was learning about the overseas real estate market, which I believe only REMI is capable of teaching effectively. I also wish to thank the placement department for assisting me in getting my dream break with Shivalik Ventures as a Senior Marketing Executive.


    I must say, REMI is making real estate more organised than before!

    Prerana Mane, BMF Batch – Sept 2018, placed at Shivalik Ventures Pvt Ltd

    REMI has been a pioneer in real estate education and has been bringing people associated with the field together under one roof. I am glad to be a part of the REMI family where all like-minded people are working hard together to bring a positive change in the market.


    Thank you, REMI, for providing me with the opportunity to be a part of your good work.

    Swapnil Tambe, BMF Batch – Sept 2018, placed at Shivalik Ventures Pvt Ltd

    REMI has been a wonderful experience and I am very glad to be a part of it. I got the opportunity to meet different personalities from various fields and from different age groups, both amongst the faculty and my class mates I received a lot of knowledge from them. The faculty are experts in their fields and successfully solved all my queries effectively. REMI has given me confidence, which was missing earlier, and made me ‘market ready’. They also provided me with a placement, something which they had promised. I am now financially independent and this is a major accomplishment for me. REMI really works hard to shortlist the best real estate companies and place their students in them. I also get a lot of respect as a student of REMI at my workplace and in the real estate industry- such is their solid reputation and respect.

    Samresh Singh, BMF Batch – May 2018, placed in UK realty

    I am Shubham Agrawal, ex-student of the Real Estate Management Institute ( REMI), May BMF Batch – 2018. I would like to thank everyone from the REMI team for supporting me and helping me in all the stages of my career.
    I would also like to thank REMI for their excellent collaboration with the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), USA which enables us to learn the global best practices in leasing. This is excellent knowledge and exposure for us.


    Most of all, I’d like to thank REMI for preparing me well and that helped me land my dream job. I wish the REMI team a prosperous future and I hope they expand to other cities as well. Good Luck 🙂

    Shubham Agrawal, REMI, BMF Batch – May 2018.

    REMI has been such a wonderful experience for me. Starting from Day One we got a chance to meet so many different experts and all those interactions enriched us. After I finished my course, I really missed the weekend lectures, my classmates, the faculty and the environment of REMI in general. I also got placed due to REMI and I am so glad to be on my journey to success.

    Thank you REMI!

    Abdul Tariq, BMF Batch – May 2018, placed at Rajdhyan Ventures Pvt Ltd

    The real estate market currently is a market of immense opportunities and I wanted to be a part of it. I came to know about REMI at a college seminar. I chose to do a course here as REMI was offering something related to construction and yet covering every aspect of the real estate market, including marketing and selling, digital marketing etc. I learnt about RERA as well as the registration process for developers. I give REMI the credit for making me realise the vast opportunity for women in real estate I recommend REMI to any person looking to pursue a career in real estate.

    Bhumi Rathod- REMI BMF Batch – Dec 2017 | Ahmedabad

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