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Executive Online Program - Real Estate Valuation

From a quantitative perspective, investing in real estate is almost equal to investing your finances in stocks. It’s vital for an investor to have the knowledge of how to value the property and make a calculative guess on what the expected return on the investment would be. This accuracy of information will help you as an investor make better decisions.

This 4 day online program is designed to help you learn how to recognize the economic value of the property, understand the key metrics for valuing the income producing property and how to measure profitability of your investment.


Day -1

1. Introduction to Real Estate

2. Valuation of Real Estate

  • Purpose and Characteristics of Valuation
  • Factors affecting valuation
3. Cost – Price – Value
4. Fair Market value

5. Terms used in valuation

  • Carpet Area
  • Built up Area
  • Super Built up Area
  • FSI
  • Ground coverage
  • Margins
  • Height restriction
  • TDR

6. Types of structures

  • Load Bearing
  • RCC

Day -2

7. Methods of Valuation

  • Method of Comparison.
  • Income approach to valuation
  • Summation or Cost Method.
Case studies – Homework

Day -3

8. Highest and Best Use of the Property
9. Methods of Valuation
  • Residual Method.
  • DCF method.
Discussion on Day -2 Case studies and new case studies.
Discussion on Day -3 Case studies.

Day -4

10. Rights and Interests in Real Estate
  • Types of ownerships and Types of occupancy in Real Estate
  • Freehold
  • Joint ownership.
  • Lease occupied.
  • Tenant occupied.
11. Identification of property.
12. Construction approval process.
13. Documents related to construction approval.
14. Construction Violations.
15. Valuation report
  • Format – Retail / standalone properties
  • Format – project appraisal.
16. Valuer’s Functions and Responsibilities.
Question & Answer.
  • Help you build your financial understanding that can be applied in a real world transaction
  • Build your knowledge to be able to have an informed discussion with bankers and advisors
  • Better investment decision making
  • Case studies allows for real time application of the theory in your business practices


Duration: 8 hours    (2 hours each on 8th, 9th, 11th and 12th June)

Timing: 12.00 p.m – 02.00 p.m

Fees – Rs. 2,500 + 18% GST

Mode: Online


Laptop/ mobile

A secure connection to the internet

Ear phones

The certificate will be issued by The Real Estate Management Institute - REMI

What People Say

It was an Amazing Experience with REMI. I would like to thank each and every faculty for sharing tremendous knowledge of an Industry. I never thought that Understanding Construction techniques and Calculations will be so Easy and Fun for non- technical person. Best part of my journey with REMI was to learn about overseas Real estate market, which i think only REMI can teach that in better way in whole India. I would also like to thank placement department for helping me to get my dream job at Shivalik ventures as senior Executive Marketing.
I must say REMI is making Real Estate more Organized than before.

Prerana Mane, BMF Batch Sept-2018, placed at Shivalik Ventures Pvt Ltd

REMI has been doing a pioneering work in Real Estate by bringing people associated with the field together under one roof. I am glad that I am a part of such family where all like minded people are working hard to bring a positive change in the market. Thank you REMI for providing me with this opportunity.

Swapnil Tambe, BMF Batch Sept-2018, placed at Shivalik Ventures Pvt Ltd

REMI has been a very wonderful experience for me. I got the opportunity to meet different personalities from various fields and all age groups which gave me an immense knowledge about the world. The faculty members are expert in their field and and have immense knowledge and solved all our queries very effectively. REMI gave me the confidence which was missing in me and made me market ready. They also provided us with the placement due to which I am financially independent is a major accomplishment for me and I thank REMI and really happy with my placement. They shortlist best Real Estate companies and place their students in them. Being from REMI I get more respect at my workplace and as well as in the market.

Samresh Singh, BMF Batch May 2018, placed in UK realty

I’m Shubham Agrawal, Ex-Student of the Real Estate Management Institute (REMI), May Batch, 2018. I would like to thanks everyone from the REMI Team, for supporting me & helping me at all stage for my Career Growth.
I would also like to thank Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) for collaborating with The Real Estate Management Institute (REMI) & for providing excellent knowledge to us.
Moreover, I want to thanks for granting me my Dream Job.
I wish REMI Team a Prosperous Future & Keep Expanding in Other Cities as well, Good Luck 🙂

Shubham Agrawal, Student of the Real Estate Management Institute (REMI), May Batch, 2018.

Remi was very wonderful experience for me. Start from day one we got the chance meet different personalities from different fields which gave us all immense knowledge about the world, The faculty members were expert in their field, had immense knowledge and solved all our queries very effectively. After leaving REMI we were missing weekend lectures as it was so great experience. They also provided us placement due to which I am financially independent at age 21 which is major accomplishment for me and I thank REMI for this great journey

Abdul Tariq, BMF Batch May-2018, placed at Rajdhyan Ventures Pvt Ltd

It was a great experience studying at REMI; it enhanced my knowledge about the real estate sector and gave me a career growth. Today I am working with as a CRM through REMI.

Gaurav Pokhriyal BMF Batch May’16 Placed as ‘ CRM –

Hi I am Jashn Thakur, currently in my 4th year of B-Tech, I joined REMI because I thought Real Estate is an amazing field and it has huge future in India and is untapped currently. After RERA coming into picture, the sector has a huge scope of development. REMI has the best course to start a career in real estate as a broker, marketer etc. My experience here was amazing. From legal to layout designing REMI thought me from all the aspects. And I can guarantee you that REMI will take care of you even after graduation.

Jashn Thakur (Mumbai Batch 2018)

I wanted to learn about Real Estate Management and chose to do a program at REMI. It has been a wonderful experience and I have acquired a lot of relevant sector knowledge through REMI. The practical examples have been more helpful, in additional to the technical knowledge gained. The faculties have been cooperative and are most informed. I appreciate the initiative by REMI.

Vishnu Priya, BMF Batch- Jan 2016

It has been a privilege to be a student of REMI. This has helped me understand various horizons of the real estate sector. The Real Estate Business Management Housing Finance (BMF 201) was a very informative program that helped me groom myself to build a lucrative career in the real estate sector. I strongly recommend this program to all those interested in the Real Estate Sector to join REMI.

Viral Sarvariya, BMF Batch May 2016

It was great learning at REMI. Thank You REMI for providing me the opportunity to work at India Bulls Distribution, and giving me such a great platform to start my career in the Real Estate Sector.

Hiren Dubal, Associate Property Manager, placed at India Bulls.

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