Justin Alvares , BM Batch – May 2023, placed at Pranav Constructions

03 Oct 2023 | Source:  

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to REMI and their teaching and placement faculty, for the progressive and encouraging experience I had over the past 4 months with them.
The REMI Certification program in ‘Real Estate Business Management’ was a great learning experience, with all the comprehensive knowledge of the subject and new information in the field imparted with efficiency.

I also acknowledge you for being supportive and of great aid in the placement process during and after the course completion. Thanks to your guidance and help in the process by sharing profile with the Companies and arranging interviews, I was able to get a rewarding job as an Senior Executive- Business Development at Pranav Constructions. I also hope for our continued communication in the future as well.

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