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Real Estate Digital Marketing Program is a 3 week Executive Program designed by the Real Estate Management Institute - REMI. The program is established to provide an understanding and application of the digital marketing strategies from lead generation, lead engagement and conversion required to drive sales. The program will be delivered by an expert from the digital domain and will follow a Socratic style of teaching using examples, case discussions and activities relevant to the real estate industry.


• An end to end understanding of Digital Marketing in Real Estate
• Certified in 3 Weeks
• Engaging, updated and relevant content taught by industry expert


1. Introduction to Digital
2. Customer Profile and Buying Pattern
3. Digital Assets and Platforms
4. SEO and SEM
5. Keyword Research and Search Volume
6. Website Marketing
7. Content Marketing
8. Domain Authority and Backlinks
9. Blogs
10. Google Analytics and Google AdWords
11. Email, Affiliate, WhatsApp and Influencer Marketing
12. Strategy Defining and Communication
13. Lead Generation and Branding
14. Remarketing and Re-use of ads
15. Social Media Marketing
16. Media Buying
17. Data Analytics and Marketing Metrics
18. Creative: Offers and Communication
19. Targeting


The Real Estate Digital Marketing Program offers certificate issued by The Real Estate Management Institute - REMI

Construction Management

The certification program in Construction Management is a short term program that defines the elements involved in Construction Management from its inception to its completion and thereafter.

Key Topics

1. Introduction, importance and essentials of construction management
2. Site organization and management
3. Material management
4. Equipment management
5. Safety management
6. Quality management
7. Personnel management
8. Project management techniques
9. Construction contract and contracting
10. Finance management
11. Construction and environment
12. Rating systems for construction projects


The program offers certificate issued by the Real Estate Management Institute - REMI

More Details:

Starting Date: 14th – 16th March 2019
FEE: Rs.10,000/- inclusive of tax
MINIMUM BATCH SIZE: 50 participants
Contact: 1800227364/ 9004507364