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Impact of the DCPR 2034 on real estate industry

The Real Estate Management Institute – REMI, recently concluded the most in demand ‘Decoding the DCPR 2034’ an Executive Program launched in collaboration with PEATA. The program was nothing short of an extensive interactive learning opportunity that witnessed attendees from various roles to include Directors, COO, Business Development, Company Presidents, Architects to name a few.

The program had a house full of attendees from various corporates such as Omkar Developers, Kanakia Spaces, Madhu Lifestyle Spaces, Knightfrank and Narang Realty to name a few. The session was enriching and enhanced the learning experience through dialogues and discussion on actual scenarios that they could relate to.

The sessions were delivered by subject matter experts contributing their knowledge on topics such as Impact of the DCPR on real estate, Land Zoning, General Building requirements, TDR, FSI calculations and regulations, NDZ and CRZ norms, Land reservations and their development, Requirements of site and layout etc.

In addition to in-class sessions, the program also included relevant and real time case study discussions and a keynote address on ‘From Control to Promotion: Perspectives of the Developer’ imparted by Mr. Mukesh Patel, Director – Neelkanth Group.

This is what some of the attendees has to day about the program:


Aneree Satra, Architect – Kalakruti Realtors Pvt Ltd (Attendee – DCPR I)

“Consider this as just a small feedback on the lectures conducted. The speaker selection was perfectly apt. The arrangements were perfect. So smooth. I should appreciate the team for this. We never realized the time. And we did not mind the extra time. And was glad REMI was supportive about it too. The sessions unlike the regular seminars were so interactive. Co- participants helped us learn and made us aware of so many aspects of the same thing. Also, I was just a fresher to such experienced people. But the level of teaching was good for everyone. Covering the complex with such simplicity. Thank you so much. It was a wonderful experience. Looking forward for more of such enriching workshops with you all.”


Anirudh Khandelwal, Director – Lakshmi Builders and Developers (Attendee – DCPR I)


Mr. karan Daisaria, Design Studio Head – Diasaria Associate (Faculty – DCPR I)

To sum it up, the session was informative, engaging and created an open market forum encouraging networking and interactive learning.

REMI invite applications for the next Batch of our Executive Program on Decoding the DCPR 2034 scheduled on the 24th of July 2018.



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