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    The Owner Developer Program

    The Real Estate Management Institute – REMI, over the last 3 Owner Developer Programs has built up a formidable reputation for the quality of its content, the profile of students and faculty across India.

    REMI is proud to once again bring you this unique initiative – the Owner Developer Program (IV) - that addresses the industry challenges and drives organizational growth. The ODP through its dynamic curriculum and intensive format centers on some key themes that impact the real estate sector today.

    While the sector continues to face rapid changes in policy and market conditions, this program helps leaders accelerate and transform their business operations to sustain success.

    Message from the Program Director :


     A program created for leaders and emerging leaders in Indian Real Estate

    Relevant and Well-timed content

    Taught by experienced industry experts and thought leaders

    Focus on current and emerging Industry Challenges

    Holistic and Macro perspective of the Real Estate Business in India

    Networking with peers, experts and senior leaders


    The ODP program has been specially designed for Executive Directors, Directors, Owners, C-Suite Executives, Senior VPs of Real Estate Companies, Next Gen Builders and Developers in India to empower them to improve corporate performance and drive competitive advantage in the real estate sector



      1. Market Trends in Real Estate

      2. Exploring REITS

      3. Project & Risk Assessment

      4. Foreign Investments in Real Estate

      5. Deal Structuring Agreements – A legal perspective

      6. Urban Design & the Future

      7. New Business Opportunities in Real Estate – Co Working and Logistics

      8. Title Insurance - Its Importance and Impact

      9. Sustainability in Real Estate - The Need and Benefits

      10. Staying competitive through Quality Improvements

      11. Negotiation for Success

      12. Policy & Profit - The Opportunity in the Challenge


    1. Market Trends in Real Estate

    2. Acquisitions and Investments – Strategies for the road ahead

    3. Structuring Your Approach to Land Acquisition

    4. Impact of the Insolvency Code on Real Estate

    5. Rating Criteria for Real Estate Developers

    6. Project Feasibility

    7. Operational Excellence and Best Practices in Quality Management

    8. Building a Customer Centric Organization

    9. New Construction Technologies

    10. Keynote Address: Tara Subramaniam – JM Financial

    11. Smart City Developments and Sustainability

    12. The Affordable Housing Opportunity- The Next Wave

    13. Current Technology Trends in Real Estate

    14. Urbanisation and Development in India – The Road Ahead


    1. Market Trends in Real Estate

    2. Capital Raising in Real Estate and REITs

    3. Project Feasibility and Case Discussion

    4. Enhancing Delivery Capabilities under RERA (Projects/Design/Legal)

    5. Cashflow Management under RERA

    6. Structuring your JDs/JVAs

    7. Legal Due Diligence

    8. New Developments in Construction Technologies

    9. Quality Control and Management

    10. Smart Developments and Sustainability

    11. Building a Customer Centric Organization

    12. The Affordable Housing Opportunity

    13. Alternative Business Models in Real Estate


    1. Understanding the Impact of RERA 2016 and Structuring your business to be RERA 2016 Compliant

    2. Structuring Your Organization and Leading Change in an Evolving Real Estate Market

    3. KEYNOTE: Policy and Change in Real Estate

    4. Decoding the New DCR in Mumbai

    5. Effective Design – Elements, Results, and Optimization

    6. Understanding Smart City Developments and Sustainability

    7. New Developments in Construction Technology

    8. INDIA AS and its Implications for Real Estate Companies

    9. GST and the Taxation Implications

    10. CONFERENCE ‘The Changing Scenario in Real Estate’

    11. Legal Due Diligence

    12. Building a Customer-Centric Organization

    13. Project Feasibility

    14. The Leasing Model, Fundraising Structures and REITS

    To Be Declared



    ODP is a 4 day consecutive program scheduled from

    • 4th December to 7th December (10:00 AM to 7:00 PM)



    Non Residential - 1,00,000/- Plus GST

    Residential - 1,25,000/- Plus GST



    Certificate will be issued by The Real Estate Management Institute (REMI)



    The program will be delivered by renowned experts, thought leaders, industry influencers and specialists from the governmental and corporate organisations offering unique relevant and insightful perspective on the subjects. Some of the ODP Speakers are:



    What People Say

    ODP is a very good initiative by REMI. The program assembled attendees & faculties from varied profiles and backgrounds under one roof. Learning from such diverse profiles and getting updated about trends from different perspectives was quite a unique experience.  It’s a very good concept overall and was well organized. The fact that they kept the class strength confined, it benefited in terms of interaction and networking. So it’s very good concept overall. Thank you.

    Mohit Bulchandani, Sr. Executive, The Wadhwa Group

    It gives me great pleasure to be a part of REMI’s Owner Developer Program – ODP. I think the program been wonderfully organized and the arrangements have been spot on. The diversity of the topics and speaker profiles chosen by REMI is a perfect combination that addresses today’s real estate issues and what the industry is going through. On that note, wishing you more power and more success to go ahead.

    Sushmita Majumdar, Director-LCG Ratings, Crisil Ratings (ODP III)

    REMI has done a fantastic job of bringing people together from the industry where they can learn what is happening from industry players at the same time from each other. It builds a lot of value for everybody, you’ll go back from here making friends in the industry learning things that you may have known or may have read somewhere. Real Estate is truly something that is going to change the face of the country; we all are responsible to make a difference to the city and life of the people in the city. We are the true nation builder, we should do the best that we can and gather education from all sources. When I was delivering the session at REMI I had a group of very talented young developers listening to me in wrapped attention. It gave me a great chance to interact with present and future leaders of real estate industry.

    Boman Irani – Chairman and Managing Director, Rustomjee Group (ODP II)

    “I was an attendee in the Owner Developer Program organized by REMI over the last 3 days. It has been a really great experience. It’s a 4 day intensive program that we are here for. Very interesting speakers from diverse industries sharing their expertise. There was a wealth of experience in the room both with the high quality of participants and speakers. I have gained many insights – from GST, legal implications of joint development structuring, how RERA is impacting our industry to sustainability and green building technology and the future of developments. It was really great interacting with the speakers and participants. It was a phenomenal experience and I look forward to many such programs from REMI.

    Aditya M.Chellaram – Executive Director, Featherlite Developers (ODP II), Bangalore, India.

    REMI’s Owner Developer Program (ODP) is a fantastic forum to understand and discuss the real estate industry. It’s a platform that brings people of similar profiles from real estate together. Real estate is a very small sector doing lot for the industry and REMI is a great platform to bring all this stake holders together.

    Harshul Savla, Real estate developer M realty (ODP III)

    Very happy to be part of this ODP Program because we believe as JLL and as a real estate professional, it’s our privilege to share what we know, what we observe, what our experiences are. Even today if you realize that there are minimal training programs that are available for real estate professionals, most of us learnt things on the job, however it’s always better to orient people towards real estate in a very scientific way where professionals come and share their experiences. Such training programs are not just based on assumptions but on how the industry works in actual on a day-to-day basis. These sessions help you get insights to information that could help you operate your business more efficiently.. The Real Estate Industry has skilled resources; all we need to do is refine them which will eventually enhance their contribution towards the growth of the industry. India needs this industry to prosper and I think initiatives like these will help create talent that will lead the way!

    JLL, Ashutosh Limaye, Head- Research, JLL – India (ODP II)

    I’m just in the early stages of my real estate career. At the moment I’m studying and just started working with my dad. I’m currently working part time. And I think this ODP program has brought the sufficient and necessary knowledge for me to have a solid and a good foundation which can provide me with a information for years to come. The several concepts which I didn’t knew much about like but obviously heard about them but I don’t have too much knowledge and over a last couple days, I think my knowledge has expanded so much. So, I know now so many concepts and in depth knowledge about them. And obviously getting insights from industry leaders has obviously been a wonderful experience. So I’m basically getting the information first time on day-to day daily bases. So I couldn’t be happier with. I mean I didn’t expected to be so good having my time of life and I hope in the next couple of days, I can gain more knowledge which can definitely help me expand my family business. Thank you!!

    Harshvardhan Wadhwa, Director of Wadhwa group (ODP II)

    “Thank You REMI for organizing the ODP Program it was really useful. There was a lot of information shared and expanded the knowledge base with different topics such as emerging trends in real estate, RERA and GST. I wish you all the best REMI and we got a lot of benefit out of this program.”

    Narendra Kumar Kamaraju, Managing Director, Praneeth Group

    I have been attending the Owner Developer Program (ODP) by REMI and it has been a very good experience. The concepts like RERA were covered which is very important to learn in the Real Estate Industry. Not only RERA but also other aspects such as accounting, project feasibility etc. were discussed which were very informative.

    Jatin Ahuja , Director
    Madhu Develop

    One of the biggest USP’s of the ODP program is the application of learning that can be implemented on day to day business. We met a lot of people from the sector which created a great networking platform. I highly recommend REMI to those who are looking to start a career in the Real Estate Sector.

    Samyag Shah , Director
    Marathon Realty

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