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    At REMI, we are committed to our vision to 'Skill India to Build India' by training 1 lakh+ students over the next 5 years. In line with this vision, we are excited to launch our #HighRisers Scholarship Fund aimed at providing financial assistance to all deserving students.

    At REMI, we believe in creating an environment that nurtures the next generation of talent and provides equal opportunities to all individuals.

    We would like to honor our equal opportunity commitment through our #HighRisers Scholarship Fund, where we provide full and partial scholarships to students on both a merit and need basis. Our aim is to have 25% of all students each year enroll under our scholarship program, as we strive to serve as the cornerstone to building a better India by - Building Futures. Building Excellence.

    To apply for a #HighRiser Scholarship, please submit the following:

    • A Personal Statement
    • A Detailed Resume
    • Submission of your graduation certificates as applicable (10th standard, 12th standard, Undergraduate, Post graduate)
    • Details of the students or the family's financial income over the last 5 years

    Eligibility for the #HighRiser Scholarship

    • Students who have completed their 12th standard examinations
    • Graduates or those currently pursuing their Graduation
    • Students with some proficiency in English are preferred
    • Please email the required documents to or call us on +91 7977064766 for more details.