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Certified Professional in International Lease Management

  • Program Objective:
    • A comprehensive KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) Training Program for students and executives looking at careers in the global real estate sector
    • A detailed understanding of global accounting concepts and terminologies focused on the real estate industry
    • An in depth knowledge of legal concepts as applicable to Lease Management of commercial and retail properties
    • Key metrics and analytics for the measurement of financial stability of properties
    • Preparation of financial reports and statements
    Who should take this Course?
    • Students and Professionals looking at careers with international real estate companies
    • Graduates/ Post Graduates
    • Working Professionals from Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) Units
    • Retail & Office building Leasing Managers
    Program Highlights:
    • In Class Training of ~80hrs.
    • Internship of up to 480hrs.
    Course Work:
    • A detailed overview of the Leasing Process for commercial and retail properties
    • Identification of Key Dates Involved in a Leasing Transaction:
      • Calculation and analysis of relevant dates
      • Learn Term Calculation
      • Calculation of notice dates
    • Strategies for Effective Management of Leases:Documents and Agreements involved in Leasing
      • Understanding the different rentable areas found in commercial and retail properties
      • A detailed understanding of how to calculate the Area of Premises including the Rentable Area and Usable Area
    • A comprehensive understanding of General, Mandatory and Key Optional Clauses involved in a lease transaction
    • Financial aspects of the Leasing Process:An understanding of the daily operating processes and daily management of Leases
      • A detailed financial understanding of a lease transaction
      • How to effectively calculate rent streams and bumps
      • Calculation methods to determine the proportionate share
      • Understand Expense recoveries
      • Understanding Gross and Net lease, Base year
      • CAM (common area maintenance) Reconciliation
      • Operating Expenses and Budget Forecasting
      • Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
    • An Overview of commonly used Property Management Software such as Yardi, MRI, Big Centre Aria

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