REMI > Workshops

  • Duration

    4 Hrs.

  • Key Features
    • Socratic Method of Teaching
    • Activity- based learning
    • Instructor led sessions taught by in-house and visiting experts
    • Weekly assignments, mid-term examinations, final examinations (REMI and IREM) and an industry project
    • Education counseling which includes Individual review and feedback sessions
    • Library with extensive literature
    • Soft Skills Enhancement and Career Development Assistance
    • Internship and Placement Assistance

    192 hrs

    • Undergraduates and graduates seeking industry related career opportunities
    • Real estate industry professionals
    • Real estate brokers and consultants
    • Real estate entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Duration

    6 hrs

  • Course Description

    The Real Estate Management Institute (REMI), in collaboration with MCHI-CREDAI has launched the first comprehensive Real Estate Broker Certification Program. 

    This 30-hour part-time program spread over 3 weeks, has been carefully designed in line with global broker licensing benchmarks and in consultation with key industry associations in India. The aim of the program is to create well-informed brokers by equipping them with the necessary technical, business and entrepreneurial skills.


    30 hrs

  • Key Features
    • Relevant and Well-timed content
    • Focus on current and emerging Industry Challenges
    • Holistic and Macro perspective of the Real Estate Business in India
    • Networking (including cocktails and dinner) with peers, experts and seniors
    • A program created for leaders and emerging leaders in Indian Real Estate
    • Taught by experienced industry experts and thought leaders
    Course Description

    In a fast-changing real estate scenario how do you move ahead? 
    How do you prepare yourself & your organisation to emerge unscathed amidst the complex challenges? 

    How do you forge ahead amidst the competition?


    The REMI ODP program anticipates the journey ahead & offers you an eagle’s view of what to expect and how to respond and what you need to know to capitalise on the possibilities. Get ready to garner that competitive edge to become the leader your peers will look up to.


    4 Days

    •  Executive Directors,
    • Directors,
    • Owners,
    • C-Suite Executives,
    • Senior VPs of Real Estate Companies,
    • Next Gen Builders 
    • Developers