Executive Program in Internet Marketing & Sales

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Executive Program in Internet Marketing & Sales

Program Objectives:

  • Understand the concept of internet marketing/sales utilizing traditional marketing methods
  • Learn and implement the different types of internet marketing
  • Develop the necessary soft skills to implement internet marketing successfully
  • Understand the importance of Social Media & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to market various products/services effectively
  • Learn to utilize websites & create insightful blogs
  • Identify and apply the various methods of lead generation
  • Identify methods to approach a customer and strengthen customer retention

Essential skills:

  • Verbal and Para-verbal Communication Skills
  • Business Etiquette

Who should take this course?

  • Real Estate brokers and consultants
  • Person(s) seeking an online real estate business
  • Real Estate industry professionals
  • Property buyers and sellers

Program Highlights:

  • Total Duration: Classroom Training for 32 hrs.

Internet Marketing & Sales:

  • Basic Techniques of Marketing & Sales
  • Internet Marketing Techniques
  • Top 10 Marketing Strategies
  • Using Social Media – The “Do’s & Don’ts”
  • Create Websites and write insightful Blogs
  • Lead generation
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Customer Handling & Customer Loyalty in Online Marketing
  • Documentation & Report Writing

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